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Fate or Destiny? - Emma’s One Shot

Emma’s POV

It was kind of ridiculous that every girl in this Canadian island was freaking out about One Direction passing by for a quick break before continuing with their world tour. Outside I acted like it was annoying me enormously but inside I was hoping with my whole heart to meet them…. or at least one of them, but I knew the chances of that happening were slim to none. So instead of trying to find out what every other girl was, where they were going to be staying and spending the night at our local airport I went to take a night run. I placed my earphones securely in my ears and “Tell me a Lie” by One Direction blasted out of them and I smiled widely as I sang along while I ran through the neighborhood until I reached the gates to a park I hadn’t visited in way too long.

Niall’s POV

I answered my phone after the first ring. “Hello” I said quickly. “Where the hell are you?” an angry Liam asked and I swallowed the urge to laugh, it was so not the moment for that. “I have no clue, lad” I replied and I heard him telling someone, probably Paul, what I had said. “Where are you?” I asked taking a deep breath, which I needed because of all the running I had done to escape the madness of screaming, grabbing, crying teenage girls who had found out where we were, even when we had no idea. “We just got to the hotel….and then we noticed you nor Harry were with us. When the things got too crazy I said to run, but I was hoping we would all run the same direction” he explained. “That’s why we’re called One Direction” I joked and regretted it instantly. “This is not a joke Niall…. please tell me that Harry is with you” He asked hopeful and I sighed as I looked around. “No mate, he’s not with me” I answered slowly. “How on earth are we going to find you two? Damn” he started and I squinted to see clearer. “Liam, I’ll call you back…. I’m going to see if whoever I just saw running through can tell me where the hell I am” I said quickly and hung up, putting the phone safely on my pocket before I jogged to catch up with the stranger.

I stopped dead on my tracks when I saw it was a short girl maybe 5 feet in height, maybe less. She had stopped running but was now dancing in the middle of the deserted park. It was kind of funny but she was good at it so I guess it doesn’t matter where she’s dancing….I mean, me and the lads make fool of ourselves every time we perform because we can’t dance, at all. What stopped me, wasn’t the random dance off…. it was the fact that her music even with earphones was loud enough for me to recognize “What makes you beautiful” playing in the background. I was debating if I should retreat or risk her being one of those crazy fans that try to rip our clothes off when she turned around and saw me, which is why she instantly stopped dancing, embarrassed that she had been caught. “I didn’t know there was anyone here” she explained quickly and I couldn’t help but smile. “It’s okay…. I wouldn’t be here if I weren’t lost” I replied and I think that’s what made her realize who I was because I saw recognition in her face. “Niall…” she said in a whisper. Oh oh, here comes the squealing, I braced myself for what was coming…. but nothing happened. “So you’re lost…. need help getting wherever I can help you out, or I can point you in the right direction if you don’t need me to come with you” she said slowly, wording carefully what she wanted to say. “Normally this is where girls start screaming” I said with a grin and taking a step towards her, which she pretended didn’t happen because she went on as if I hadn’t said anything. “So, need help or no?” she asked politely. As I walked closer I started seeing her features better, the lamp light revealed brown wavy hair, chocolate almond shaped eyes covered with stylish glasses. Now I was standing in front of her and noticed her pale complexion, and her reddened cheeks; I didn’t know if I was the cause of it or the running/dancing she had performed before she realized I was there but suddenly I hoped it was because of me. “I need help” I whispered looking at her, stunned by her natural beauty.

Emma’s POV

"Okay, where are you supposed to be? let’s see if I can actually help you" I mumbled. I was so nervous because of his closeness, it was taking my whole will to act like I was perfectly comfortable and not mesmerized by him. I watched as he called Liam and asked for info because he had no clue, but all the time he never took his eyes off me, and I could feel myself blushing horribly which I guess he noticed because he gave me a sexy half smile and a wink as he finished talking with his best friend. When he told me where the name of the hotel he was supposed to be I let out a relived breath. "That’s about 10 minutes from here, do you need directions or should I just point you to.." I started but he cut me off. "I need you to come with me…. I don’t want to get lost again and this time without the pretty girl to help me" he said slowly and I looked away as my cheeks burned. Why on earth from all the men in this planet did Niall Horan have this effect on me?

After a ten minute walk and we were almost there I was telling Niall so, when I realized he wasn’t anywhere in sight. Shit, I lost Niall. How do I explain to the guys that one moment we’re talking (I was not going to tell them all he did was flirt) and suddenly he wasn’t around. I was freaking out inwardly when someone came from behind and scared the crap out of me. “Jesus Christ Niall, are you trying to kill me? Where the heck where you?” I asked in a squeal but he just smile down at me. “I noticed the hotel so I knew we were going to part our ways soon and decided to find something to thank you for helping me out. Here” he said as he gave me a dark pink wildflower he must have picked out somewhere. “Thank you… but you didn’t have too” I said, taking the flower from his extended hand. “Yes, I did” he said tilting my chin up so I would look at him and not the ground. “You’re so beautiful” he whispered and before I could reply that I wasn’t his phone went off and he let go of my chin and answered. “I’m here, let’s see how I can get trough with all the fans outside” he said to the phone and I sighed, this was it, I had met Niall Horan and now it was time to say goodbye and pretend this never happened….. “Like it never happened” I said softly, I hadn’t realized I had said it outloud but apparently I did because suddenly Niall was in front of me, my face in his hands. “It did happen, and you better never forget it because I’m sure as hell won’t” he said before crashing his mouth on mine. “I’ll find you…no matter if it’s fate or destiny, someday we will meet again” he said as he kissed me softly this time and then ran towards the hotel, leaving me the best memory I could ever treasure in my heart. Until we meet again….

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