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Rescue Me- One Direction Fan Fiction (Feedback is appreciated)

Chapter 19- Part 2

Leilani’s POV

"So… since you’re not telling me about you, how about you tell me about what’s going on out there with Harry, Louis and the girl" I prompted and Zayn sighed deeply. "I’m not sure telling you it’s a good idea since it has to do something about me too" he said slowly and I groaned. "Is there something you CAN tell me?" I asked already frustrated. "Babe, let’s just…" but he didn’t get to finish because he was cut off by his phone which gave a loud beep indicating a new text message. He read it silently and closed his eyes like he was really upset  about whatever he read. "I guess you will get your answers anyways" he said sharply. "What’s wrong?" I asked confused. "You’ll know in a minute" he said quickly as he grabbed my hand and led me out of his room. "Why didn’t you tell us before?" Harry asked towards Zayn and I just stood there confused, Zayn just got out of the room and it felt like if they had been having a conversation before that question. "I just…. I don’t know, I didn’t think there would really be a problem" my boyfriend answered. "What the hell is going on people, I’m right here, please fill me in" I pleaded not very nicely. "Love…. we need to get Casey like right now" he said rapidly. "I’m not moving a damn inch until you tell me what’s going on, all the damn truth, alright?" I demanded and he shook his head in disbelief. "Leilani, I think this can wait for a while…" he started saying but I cut him off. "Damn it Zayn, no, it can’t wait so just tell me!" I exclaimed. "Casey it’s in danger babe, if we don’t go and get her like right now something bad can happen to her…I promise after we get her I’ll tell you everything you want to know, okay?" that was all he had to say for now, Casey was my best friend and if something happened to her because of my stubbornness I would never forgive myself. "Let’s go" I said walking out the door and I heard Zayn chuckle. 

I had texted Casey to call Niall or Liam or both because something was going on and without questions she said ‘okay’. We love and trust each other to death so if one tells the other to do something, we do it, period. As soon as we got to Casey’s house I ran inside to find her and I did, she was in the living room and both Niall and Liam where standing up protectively beside her. Involuntarily I stopped to smooth over my hair but I was in sweat pants and one of Zayn’s shirts since I stayed the night at the apartment and I hadn’t planned to stay so I didn’t have clothes, there was nothing I could do to make myself look better. Then I shook my head, why do I care if Liam sees me like this, Zayn is my boyfriend, the one I love. I ran towards Casey and hugged her fiercely and she returned it while the guys started saying how girls over reacted over stuff and asking me what was going on. Then suddenly the room went all silent and I turned to see what had happened when I realized that Zayn, Harry (holding the arm of the girl that I still didn’t know the name of) and Louis had entered. Both Niall and Liam had tensed and I just was as confused as ever. “Well Casey… you can finally meet Zayn, my boyfriend” I said without looking at Liam and right on cue my bad boy closed the distance between us and grabbed Casey’s extended hand and instead of shaking it like we both expected him to do he leaned and kissed it like one of those old rich gentlemen. “A pleasure to meet you Casey” he said in his perfect british accent and my best friend smiled widely while blushing a bit. “I like him! you have my blessing” she whispered to me but I know Zayn heard her because he smiled and winked at me. My heart gave a loud thud and I knew this (him and me) what we had, was real. “So what’s going on?” Niall asked bringing me back to reality. “We need to leave now” Zayn said quickly, taking my hand as he watched Liam curiously, oh boy…. “Why?” Casey asked and I shrugged. “He hasn’t told me anything but I trust him” I stated and she nodded at me. “I don’t” both Niall and Liam said at the same time and I rolled my eyes at them. “We really have no time for this mates, if you care about Casey’s well being then you’ll come with us, we need to get her out of her like yesterday” Louis said, talking for the first time. I saw the change in Niall’s expression, he did care about Casey, so for now he was going to go with the flow. Liam’s jaw was set but I could see he wasn’t going to risk my best friend’s life for his ego. “People, you really need to stop talking about leaving and actually do it” A strangely familiar voice said. We all looked at the wide opened front door and saw that unforgettable white spiked hair. “Zayn, that’s the guy that broke into my house…that’s Cloud” I whispered to Zayn. “Are we going to leave anytime soon boss?” asked the guy named Cloud to my mysterious boyfriend. We all looked at him with both confusion and shock but he ignored all of us. “Yes lad, it’s time to get the hell out of here” Zayn replied as we all thought of different reasons of how they knew each other, or why he called him boss and what kind of jobs he did for Zayn….. this was the part that I didn’t know about him, and now I wasn’t so sure I wanted to know.

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