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Rescue Me- One Direction Fan Fiction (Feedback is appreciated)

Chapter 20

Part 1

Liam’s POV

One thing was knowing Leilani was with Zayn and a whole different thing was to witness as she proudly introduced him as her boyfriend to her best friend…. Then, on top of that we had to ‘trust’ him, then leave with him and the guy that broke into Leilani’s house…. I now could feel his heavy presence on my mind; he was a fallen angel too. The cars were parked behind this old structured building; it appeared to be an abandoned shoe factory. We all got out of the vehicles silently and walked inside the filthy looking place. As we entered, the smell of dust and rusted metal hit my nostrils and I felt the urge to sneeze. “Never have I been in such an unsanitary environment” I whispered and Niall grunted his agreement. “This place is disgusting” Leilani stated. “Didn’t I tell you to clean this place up, just in case Cloud?” Zayn asked the white haired fallen and he shrugged as a response. “I did… kind of” he replied, then I noticed as he braced himself and closed his eyes. I watched Zayn carefully but he just glared at Cloud, still, I had a feeling that if we weren’t here, he would have done more than give him a bad look. “Do better next time” he said through a clenched jaw. I looked at Niall to know if he saw what I did but he was staring at Casey, who was oblivious to his gaze because she was talking quietly to Leilani. “Home sweet home” the one I now know as Louis said, then the curly haired one, Harry pinched the bridge of his nose to keep the smell away. “How on earth are we going to live here?” he asked as he pushed Louis’ hand away which was messing his hair. “We’re gonna what?” both Casey and Leilani asked at the same time, confusion, shock and disgust in their tone…

Casey’s POV

"But my parents don’t know I left… they will get so worried!" I argued when they explained that it’s not safe for me to be at home. "I know love, but you’re parents can’t know anything about where you have gone because then, whoever is looking for you, will hurt them to get information…and I know you don’t want them to get hurt, right?" Zayn asked softly with a hand on my shoulder. I shook my head sadly and he sighed. "I’m sorry… I wish there was another way…." he sympathized and I shrugged. "It’s okay, it’s not your fault" I told him. "Well, I don’t know about you girl but I want to know what the hell is going on. Everything. From the beginning to the end. Thank you!" Leilani spat out. I hadn’t realized she was upset until I heard her tone right now… I looked at her and she seemed calmed and collected but I knew better, that meant she was an internal turmoil. "You promised me" she said softly to Zayn and he nodded awkwardly. "I know" he said quietly then he looked at Harry who in return looked at Louis, then I noticed how they all (the guys) started looking a each other as if they were debating silently what was to be said (including Niall and Liam)…. I swear it looked like they were all having a deep conversation about it, but it’s not like they could do that without talking so… apparently I was mistaken and I was bad at reading people…

Part 2

Niall’s POV

"Don’t be stupid Malik, if you tell them what you guys are, we’ll have to tell them what we are and I rather not go there" I told him mentally. "Not really my problem  mate, I’m done lying (or editing parts out) to Leilani, I love her and even if I lose her after I tell her everything at least my conscience will be more clean…. and no one calls me Malik since I fell" he responded back. "You really believe that? Because after all the stuff you’ve done through time, I didn’t think you had a conscience at all" Liam butted in. Zayn glared at him and I noticed how he closed his hands into fists. "Liam chill. Zayn calm down, it’s not time for fighting" I said slowly. "Yeah, lads, relax… Have you guys tried out yoga? I’ve heard its good for all those anger issues you guys seem to keep treasured inside" Louis added and I noticed how Harry hid a smile. "Not the time. Okay. But we’re going to settle this eventually Liam, because I’m sure as I know that there is a heaven and a hell that you have feelings for Leilani and that you tried to keep her away from me" Zayn said in a deceiving calmed voice… shit Liam has feelings for Leilani? I looked at him but he didn’t looked back at me as if he were embarrassed by that fact. I wish I could tell him about how I’ve been feeling for Casey lately… but again it was not the time and we would have eavesdroppers. "Well… at least I didn’t go clubbing with her and danced with her like…. I can’t even say it" Liam said, disgust in his voice. He had never liked or approved of Leilani’s lifestyle but there was nothing he could do about it. "What on earth are you talking about?" Zayn asked as Louis looked uncomfortable and as if he were about to bolt out of the place. "Oh you didn’t know? Nice friends you have…" Liam muttered telepathically. "Dude, not cool. That was not your confession to make" Louis told Liam with a cold stare but he didn’t care he just shrugged. "What the fuck is he talking about Louis?" Zayn asked angrily but this time I guess because he was upset he forgot our way of communication and he said it outloud, which surprised the girls who have been "waiting" for us to explain as we stood there, looking at each other "silently". A little too late, Zayn realized what he had done and looked at Leilani who’s face said; what the hell is going on? and you better tell me now.

Zayn’s POV

"Shit" I muttered under my breath. "Fine, let’s get this over with" I said annoyed "and we’ll continue this conversation later" I said to Louis, who cowered away from me. "What conversation? what are you talking about? you weren’t even talking. You were all looking at each other like idiots" Leilani stated and I sighed. "Only cause I love you I’ll tell you this even though you just called me an idiot" I told her and saw her shrug like she didn’t care. I paced back and forth thinking about the right words. "Oh for God’s sake women… Zayn, Harry and Louis are fallen angels and Niall and Liam are YOUR guardian angels and they actually were talking, telepathically. Yes, that means in their minds" the girl Harry had kidnapped said in a frustrated/ annoyed tone. "What the hell? You heard our conversation?" Harry asked her. "I’m Nephilim remember, I can do anything you guys can except I’m half human" she said with a smug smile on her face. "Johanna, stop saying that word or not even I am going to be able to protect you" Harry warned. "I didn’t ask for your protection" she spat at him. "No. But I owe it to your mother" he said softly. "She’s Nephilim? What is wrong with you dude?" Liam asked appalled. "Let’s discuss this later, we’ve got more pressing issues at the moment" Niall stated, peacemaker will be my new nickname for him…

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