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Promise Me… - Ariona’s One Shot

Ariona’s POV

It was one of those night; the ones that I hated so much because I missed him more than ever. I put One Direction’s CD on replay and repeated all of his solos, hoping that hearing his voice would soothe my aching heart. Before I realized it, silent tears were streaming down my face and I buried my face on my pillow. Why is it so hard? I love him and I can’t see my life without him anymore but is this pain worth it? Would it be easier to let go? All this questions hunted my mind making the throbbing in my brain grow until a headache formed there. A while later once my tears started to dry, I started falling a sleep and my cellphone started ringing, that one ringtone that only one person had. I ran to my drawer, picked up my phone and answered. “Zayn” I whispered. “No…Liam” he answered and my heart sank. “Are you okay? You sound… sad?” Liam asked and I took a deep, silent breath. “I’m okay. Thanks for asking….. so why are you calling from his phone?” I questioned trying to sound neutral. “He’s super busy right now but he wanted to know how you were so he asked me to call you” he replied and I sighed. “Oh..okay…. tell him I miss him like crazy okay?” I prompted. “Of course I will…. he misses you too, trust me” he assured and even though it should make me feel better, it didn’t. “Ariona…. are you sure you’re okay? I can pull him away from the chaos so you can talk” he suggested and I would love more than anything to hear his voice but I wasn’t going to be selfish. “No Liam, thanks anyways…. he’s busy and it’s better that I don’t bother him” I said slowly. “Don’t want to be a clingy girlfriend huh? Danielle it’s the same but I miss her so much sometimes that I’m the one that ends up being clingy” he said and I chuckled. “I’m sure she doesn’t mind” I promised him and I could hear a smile on his voice when he talked. “I bet Zayn wouldn’t mind either” he assured and then a lot of screaming and shouting was heard in the background. “Hey love, I gotta go…. hell is breaking loose, stay strong for him okay” he said and I assented before hanging up. I was about to jump on my bed and cry myself to sleep when I heard knocking…. on my window….

Zayn’s POV

I knocked on her window, hoping I wouldn’t wake up her parents and get her in trouble. She pulled the curtains to the side and I saw a smile spread on her lips but her eyes were glistening with tears. As soon as she opened the window my arms circled around her and pulled her out with me and my hands tightened on her back as I pulled her closer to me, and I put my chin on the top of her head. My eyes were closed as I enjoyed how good it felt to have her in my arms, God I had missed her so much…. so much that I had to leave the tour to come see her. “What are you doing here?” I heard her whisper on my chest. I tilted her chin up and saw tears, it broke my heart. “I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long…. and to answer your question; I missed you” I said softly. “But doesn’t the tour end in like two more weeks?” she asked with a cute little frown on her forehead. “Yes” I said simply. “Then what are you doing here?” she questioned. “I told you. I missed you…. so I came to spend the night with you and then I will get on an airplane next thing tomorrow because I got to perform tomorrow night” I explained. “You did what for me? Oh my God Zayn I love you!” she exclaimed and hugged me tighter while I smiled like an idiot. “I love you too babe” I whispered on her ear. “But wait. Liam called me from your cellphone and said you were busy, are the guys here too?” she asked. “No… I left my phone with Liam so I could surprise you…. and so management doesn’t call me to yell at how crazy and irresponsible I am” I said with a laugh and she joined in. “So…” she started and I grinned. “C’mon” I said as I took her hand and intertwined our fingers.

I walked towards a tree on the back of her house where I had a picnic prepared. “Aww, you did this, for me?” she asked in awe. “How on earth did I get so lucky?” she asked as she turned to face me. “No babe. I’m the lucky one. I got the most understanding, amazing, gorgeous girlfriend in the whole freaking planet. I don’t know how anyone could have anything they want and be happy but that’s me and I thank God every single day for having all this blessings in my life. Starting with you” I whispered as I circled my arms around her slim waist and leaned down to place a soft kiss on her lips. “Promise me…. promise me you’ll never let go, that you’ll never give up on us. Because as long as you want me, love me I’m never going to stop trying; for you, for me, for us” I pleaded. “I promise” she answered with stars in her eyes and I smiled. “I love you” I said before kissing her soft lips again under the moonlight shinning down on us and the stars decorating the dark sky.

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