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Rescue Me- One Direction Fan Fiction (Feedback is appreciated)

*Italics are for memories*

Chapter 21

Leilani’s POV

"You are what? and you’re my what?" I asked shocked, at both Zayn and Liam. My boyfriend sighed deeply, "I’m a fallen angel" he stated. "And I’m your guardian angel" Liam confirmed. "Whoa…. I think I need to sit down" I said as I started feeling lightheaded. They both found a chair for me to sit, they glared at each other and I sat on the one closest to me; Liam’s. "That is some big news" I heard Casey say quietly and our gazes met. I knew she was thinking the same things as me; all those times while growing up that we got into trouble, the times we almost got ran over by cars for running across the street at the wrong times or the times where we almost drowned at the beach because we didn’t know how to swim well. Casey had way more of those moments but she seemed (in my eyes) to be taking it better than I was. "Okay so you guys are angels, different types of angels…. now the question is, why can I see you?" I asked confused, trying to make sense of all this. "Can you guys give us a minute?" Zayn asked everyone and most of them nodded and found another place to go. "Casey, I have to talk to you" I heard Niall say, and they both walked outside. "I’m not moving" Liam stated. "Well you better move or I’ll have to move you" Zayn practically growled. "You’ll have to do better than that to scare me. She’s my charge" he retorted back. "Well she’s my girlfriend. Now leave, I don’t want to hurt you…. actually that’s a lie, I do want to hurt you" Zayn snapped at Liam. "Can you guys shut the hell up, you’re giving me a headache" I shouted and they both went silent instantly. "I’m sorry" they both mumbled with apologetic expressions on their faces. "Whatever…. Liam, can you please leave us alone?" I asked, trying to be polite. He looked at Zayn unblinking, "You hurt her and I’ll kill you" he said in his soft tender voice (it sounded totally wrong coming from his mouth) then he turned around and left. "Are all guardian angels so over-protective?" I asked curiously. Zayn’s jaw was clenched and he answered through gritted teeth. "Some…. especially if they’re in love with their charges" he said bitterly. "What? Liam is not…" but I had to stop there because I knew that saying Liam didn’t have feelings for me was a huge lie. "You don’t have to worry about him" I said quickly, finally realizing why there was so much animosity between them; because of me.

Zayn’s POV

When she said that simple sentence, all the anger left my body. “Really babe? Didn’t you tell me once that you kind of liked him…. he is the complete opposite of what I am you know that right?” I asked slowly. “I did tell you that but it doesn’t mean anything because I love YOU” she said as her hands grabbed my face. “Even knowing what I am?” I asked; fear in my heart. I knew deep down that I wouldn’t be able to bear living without her. “Even knowing what you are” she whispered taking my face in her hands. “I let out a relieved breath and she smiled. “With one condition” she said and I my heart sank. “Which is?” I asked slowly. “That you tell me why you fell” she replied quickly. “Oh… I should’ve seen that one coming…. okay, I’ll tell you if it means I won’t lose you but I have to let you know, it’s not a pretty story and there are a bunch of different versions about it all around the world…. I’m going to tell you the real version; mine” I said slowly and she nodded her understanding. “I wasn’t expecting a pretty story…. I mean there is a reason why you fell” she replied softly and I nodded in agreement. Okay here goes… “It was a little over one hundred years ago…”

I don’t know how it happened, no idea but it made me the happiest person (angel) in this planet. As I held her hand, her warmth penetrated my skin and it felt amazing. “I love you Sofia, forever and always” I whispered in her ear and her cheeks turned a pretty shade of pink. “and I as well” she replied in that melodious sweet voice of hers. I couldn’t do much besides holding her hand, it was part of the tradition in this times and even though I wished to touch that beautiful face and taste those luscious lips I considered myself lucky. “Are you telling me more about your gracious self?” she questioned with hidden excitement in her voice. “What do you wish me to share with you?” I asked and she beamed at me. “All. I would be enchanted to know all about you, and this heaven you speak of, you’re companions” she went on like a giddy school girl and I did, I told her everything because she meant to me more than I could ever imagine and more than everything I’ve had in the past.

But good things hardly ever last…

"Sofia, who is the man? I have not seen him before… I’m Malik but some call me Zayn" I introduced myself as etiquette demanded. "I’m Christopher, Sofia’s husband to be" he said with a satisfied smile. I looked at my beloved and she gave me an apologetic glance. "You speak blasphemy" I accused and he frowned at me. "Why would I, when I’m the happiest creature walking on this earth? Sofia just agreed to wed me on the forth coming weeks. "How could you hurt me in this way?" I said towards her. "You swore to love me, why did I let you deceive me?" I asked as tears fell down my cold cheeks. "We cannot consume our love Zayn, Malik we both know this fact. Angel and human together is not part of God’s design for the world, he himself told me this" she said swiftly. "My God spoke to you?"I asked in bewilderment. "He told you our love was not possible?" I questioned and she nodded. "Aye, he told me I should stray from your side before chaos is created" she confessed and I felt as my heart was punctuated my an invisible dagger and I bled as my pain grew. "What is this fictional characters you speak of woman?" the one called Christopher questioned. "I speak the truth…. that’s why I have agreed to wed you my lord, God forbid me to be with Malik and told me I shall be your wife" she told him. Tears stung my eyes but anger grew in my broken heart. God, my father prohibits me to have happiness and the woman that I love…

I walked purposely out of the humble cabin and heard Sofia called after me but I ignored her pitiful cries for me to return, she was another man’s promised wife, I was nothing to her anymore. After a few moments an indescribable pain hit me like a bullet though my chest and I fell to the ground in pain, my breathing was shallow and came difficult to me. Sofia, my Sofia… was all I thought before the darkness consumed me. I woke up, the setting sun hitting my face as I struggled to stand up. Sofia… I tried running back to the cabin where I had left her. An eerie silence surrounded me and my heart started beating faster and harder as I walked inside. “My love” I screamed as I saw her slump figure on the floor, a pool of blood surrounding her. “Anasofia… love?” I called as I kneeled down next to her un-moving body. I turned her face up and a hunting knife was pierced through her heart. Her soft tanned skin was winter pale and the blood on her clothes had long ago dried. Screaming, curses and tears ripped from deep within me; it was all I was able to do. Grieving and hate was all that was left in me.

"What happened after?" Leilani asked when I stayed silent for a while. "I found out it was her future husband that took her life out of jealousy for her loving me and not him…. So I killed him and his two murderous friends" I said emotionless. "and that’s why I fell. Not that I gave a damn since God had turned his back on me when I needed him the most…. I blamed him for her death" I said through gritted teeth. "But no one saw it like that… and since I had killed three men, then everyone blamed me for Sofia’s death too… I might as well have, if I hadn’t left her, she wouldn’t have died so horribly…. and it was my fault she was killed in the first place" I blamed myself too, I hated being immortal and living eternally with her death on my conscience. "Hey, hey. Look at me" Leilani said as she took my face in her hands. "Her death is not on you… and the men… well, as bad as this will sound; they deserved it. You took justice in you hands because no one would have done anything. You haven’t sinned any more than most of us have" she told me fiercely. I hadn’t noticed but tears were now rolling freely off my face and she tried cleaning some away. "I can’t believe you would say that; after what I told you" I said, my voice cracking at the end. "I love you Zayn, no matter what happened or what you did in the past. I’m not letting you go" she told me as she hugged me, and I returned the embrace and held her tightly. "I had forgotten what love felt like until I met you. I didn’t remember how to protect and take care of someone until you came into my life. Leilani, you are the only reason I am holding myself together…. If I lost you, I just…. I couldn’t go on…" I whispered to her. "You’re not losing me okay, you’re not" she said before brushing her lips with mine.She was my anchor, even through a storm and when I’m lost, she will be my north. Hesitantly I pulled myself away from her warmth and said one thing that could change everything, "Babe…. I need to tell you about the prophecy".

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