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Please don’t go, Please don’t leave me… (Zayn Fan Fiction)

*Special Note: If it seems familiar it’s because this was originally a One Shot I wrote over a month ago, that after a short conversation with the girl who requested it, I decided to make it into a fan fiction. Enjoy and feedback is appreciated!*


Scarlett’s POV

I was euphoric; I never thought I would get to see One Direction perform or go through a whole concert and live to tell it. When it was over I said goodbye to my best friend because I had come in my own car but I needed to go to the ladies room first. Walking was literally impossible thanks to the mob of fans trying to get out of the place all at the same time. I spotted a door that said “Off Limits. Personnel Only” I’m not a fan of ‘authority’ or ‘laws’ so I ignored the warning and slipped inside. It was a hallway, hmm there must be a bathroom somewhere. After about 10 minutes I found a small bathroom and went in. Later when I was out, I couldn’t remember where I came from, shit. I started walking towards a direction but then I heard talking and footsteps, as I spotted 2 security guards, damn, if they catch me I’m in so much trouble, I thought to myself before running the opposite way and around the corner then bumped into someone but I didn’t have time to acknowledge who it was because I just needed the guards to not know I was there. “What are you doing here?” a familiar British accented voice asked me, I looked down at the person I was on top of; oh God…. I was on top of Zayn Malik…no time to feel embarrassed now. ”Shhh, they will hear you” I whispered and tried to make him stay quiet. “Them, who? Security?” he asked confused. “Yes, I’m not supposed to be here I know but I needed a bathroom, just stay quiet!” I shushed him. “But what..?” he tried to ask something and I was exasperated and needed him to shut up so… I kissed him. Just a small kiss but when I looked at him afterwards he stared at my lips hungrily and kissed me again.

Zayn’s POV

I had no idea what came into me but I had a hot, beautiful girl, with gorgeous blue eyes and sexy long hair on top of me, you can’t blame a guy for being weak and kissing her again. I rolled her to the side so I could be at the top and I stared down at her. “What’s your name?” I asked quietly. “Scarlett” she whispered breathless and with flushed cheeks. “Well Scarlett, I’m Zayn…which you probably know. It’s a pleasure meeting you” I said before crashing my mouth on hers again, kissing her with so much want and need that it scared me, only desire burned trough my veins and my mouth trailed kisses that led me to her neck and suddenly the spell was broken. “Excuse me, sir” I heard a rough voice said and I turned around still dazed. “Yes, sir?” I asked slowly. “You’re one of the members of that boy band who did the concert today right?” the security guard asked and I nodded, not able to put together a sentence in my mush of a brain. “I’m sorry to bother you but your not supposed to be here, and neither should your girlfriend, this area is off limits” he stated. “I’m sorry. She needed a bathroom” I finally said. “Right” the man said trying to hide a smile. I looked at the girl, Scarlett, who was tomato red, of embarrassment. She had been caught making out with a celebrity in a place that was ‘Off Limits’. Oh my God, I’m such a jerk! I stood up, held my hand to her and helped her up. Then I turned towards the security guard and apologized, told him it wasn’t going to happen again and he let us go. He led us to a back exit which turned out to be the back parking lot. “I should go” she said not looking at me. “Yeah, the guys are probably wondering where I am” I added. “It was… nice… meeting you” she said awkwardly and I smiled. “Same here” I answered and I saw a shadow of a smile on her soft  luscious lips. I grabbed her arm softly and turned her around to face me. “I apologize for being such a guy, gentleman’s don’t start kissing girls they just met like I did, my mum raised me better than that” I said serious and she smiled sweetly at me. “It’s okay, Zayn, can’t say I can complain, it was REALLY good…” she said while blushing again and I chuckled. “Not arguing with that” I joked and she giggled. “I gotta go…take care” she said and turned to leave. “Scarlett wait…. I wanna know you” I exclaimed and she looked back at me confused. “I wanna know you…. and then I can kiss you like I did tonight” I said with a grin on my face. She smiled widely and took out a pen, walked up to me, took my hand and wrote a phone number on it. “I wanna know you too” she said and kissed my cheek before leaving, and already I couldn’t wait to see her again…

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